Todays state of Media

    Press materials (news papers & magazines) are decreasing and electronic media is increasing. There is no doubt  that news papers and magazines have been giving true information to the people, but still some media , news papers and magazines have taken up the in their hands the  policy of being “neutral” and are spreading wrong news. If we lock an average man in a room and ask him to watch news channels, he will definetly think that the whole nation is burning in a turmoil.
    Some news channels are creating an unnatural scene of the entire nation being in a tumultuous state. 90% of the channels are always giving negative news only. These people do not care for the people's well being and provide news as if it is an action thriller movie. This is the best entertainer for the Indian middle class.
    These numerous news channels are under the compulsion of providing an “exclusive story” every day. There is an attidude of urgency in proving “we are better than the others”. This starts from the fight with their mikes during political leaders press meet. Some time back during the horrible Mumbai attacks, we witnessed some Indian channels standing in front of the burnig hotels describing the violent scenes happening there as if it were a fast paced action film. Every one was keen to show their pride in mourning houses boasting without shame “only on ……… TV” unfailingly. They are still the same.

The truth being morphed – Medias becoming party properties

    In fact there are so many problems with the people that has to be brought out 24 hours a day, 7 days of the week. Cauvery problem, betrayal of political parties, foreign investments which come to destroy us, ever troubling power cuts, price rise of food products, gas, groceries, house rent, educational fees, medical expenses, real estate, financial fraud , dowry, religious fights, caste fights, increasing work hours, deteriorating environment …. Such thousands of new problems are threatening the people everyday. The channels are just trying to sensationalize things hiding the foundation of these problems.
     The Reason is that the corporate companies belonging to political party leaders invest in the press and the media and direct them. Political parties also publish their own newspapers. They are also running many TV channels competing with one another.  
     The main reason for the political parties to own newspapers and media is to advertise their leaders and the conferences that they hold
    In the newspapers and media companies run by the political parties the journalist and the media person's right to speech and right to write, and media ethics are thwarted. The confidence on journalists and media has started to reduce amidst the people, the reason for this is political intervention in the press and media.
     For example the recently released Tamil movie has clearly picturised how a politician and a central minister who is responsible for press and media is restricting the press and media. The name of that Tamil movie is “Arimanambi”. When you get a chance please don't fail to watch this movie because this movie has not just pointed out the mistakes, it has also picturised in the best manner the special qualities of the media.
    Every citizen can become an honest reporter. It has been taught to us that we can win over injustice. Not only that they have also picturised how the true news can be brought to the people through electronic media inspite of the restrictions posed by the politicians. As I have already mentioned before, the confidence on the press people and media personalities have stared to decrease. People have started to doubt whether the articles or news that they write are really true.
     The lie becomes the headlines and the truth is in a box news. The truth is buried so that nobody comes to know of it. The press and media run by corporate companies belonging to politicians produce market stories that tells their histories, a poet's imaginary stories, a new writer quoting from history practically drive their ideas deeply in the minds of people with their ability to write. Because of this caste based, religion based riots happen and societal deterioration happens.