Welcome to Newsmedia Association of India

The Multi-Media Industry members at national level face physical violence and persecution of all kinds, whether from public officials, criminals or terrorists. Assaults are daily – and often deadly – for those who challenge governments, report on conflicts or investigate corruption and crime. Newsmedia Association of India (NAI) core mission is to defend and promote press/media freedom, quality journalism and editorial integrity and the development.

NAI works in close partnership with local media and media support organisations, our proposed plan is that nationally as well as internationally to identify and react rapidly and flexibly to the needs of local media. We seek to address all aspects of the media sector from media laws to skills training and the protection of journalists.

NAI works to promote freedom of expression and helps multi-media members fulfill their tasks by:

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  • Providing safety and protection for Journalists / Media members
  • Advocating media rights and monitoring violations
  • Promoting fair media laws and media reforms
  • Supporting community, exiled and alternative media
  • Providing technical support and building skills
  • Organising specialised training for media workers
  • Monitoring media content to promote fair and balanced media coverage
  • Partnering likeminded media professionals within and across borders to promote knowledge exchange and cooperation
  • To protect and strengthen the press as a pillar of democracy
  • To establish a framework of responsibility and ethics in the practice of the press
  • To raise levels of competence for coverage of special areas of news
  • To promote journalistic excellence
  • To engage different sectors of society in the growth of a quality press in the India

NAI undertakes its work in a cooperative and collaborative manner, seeking to encourage maximum coordination with existing local and international initiatives NAI seeks to act flexibly and, when necessary, rapidly. In undertaking interventions, NAI seeks to fulfill a catalyst function and to prepare the ground for longer-term media development.