Criteria & Rules and Regulations

  1. NAI existing member before enrolling new people should explain clearly about the association’s objective, work and benefits and then NAI member should make them a member in the association. Note: NAI have clearly explained the full details of the association in the website
  2. Minimum age for becoming citizen reporter should be 18 years on the date of filling the form.
  3. PRESS / MEDIA card issued to citizen reporters on joining, should not be misused under any circumstances and if found doing so, the card shall be forfeited without notice or reason and legal action initiated.
  4. Citizen reporters shall provide information about events in their neighborhood and provide informative articles. 
  5. To know about more about joining fee, Please Call us at 72000 24451 / 52 / 53. 
  6. Citizen Reporters and Professional Journalist should not involve in any illegal activities
  7. Citizen Reporters and Professional Journalist should not have any criminal history
  8. Citizen Reporters and Professional Journalist should be in a position to maintain good relationship with the public as well as the NAI State and NAI District Leaders.
  9. The Citizen Reporters and Professional Journalist should understand that it is a voluntary movement and hence should not expect any monetary benefits for their services either from the Member or from the public.
  10. Citizen Reporters and Professional Journalist should be in a position to identify the problems in their locality through youngsters, senior citizens, and women etc., to get the local news.
  11. The Citizen Reporters and Professional Journalist should be in a position to assist the public in filing FIR during a crime scene or an accident.
  12. NAI high level committee is requesting existing member not to commit anything without the consent of the association. For example the association will never give promises like definitely getting a job opportunity or getting cash.   
  13. If the NAI existing members or new people approach the association for personal problem and job opportunities we would call for the high level committee to get its approval and then we would definitely lend our helping hand. We can only assist there is no assurance for any kind of request. 
  14. NAI Member should not disturb the law and order at any cost.
  15. NAI Member should respect and follow the Traffic rules and regulations.
  16. Misuse of Identity Card is prohibited & the holder himself/herself will be liable for the misuse under the law and Order.
  17. On expiry of the Identity Card, renewal shall be made within 15 days. If not, ID Cards should be returned within 7 days to the association office.
  18.  NAI Member should not be involved in collection of funds or donations without association written permission or approval.
  19.  NAI Member should be accountable for the payment receipt book. If member don’t return the book legal action will be taken by the association and the minimum penalty will be Rs.2,50,000/- per Receipt book.
  20.  Any dispute will be addressed and redressed in Chennai jurisdiction only.
  21. The NAI membership fee or Leadership fee collected from you will be used for welfare of the association, administration expenses and of its NAI members or for the society development work, and cannot be refunded money which collected from your end.
  22. Once filled the NAI Application form subsequently received money from the new applicant towards NAI membership/Leadership fee, if new applicant is not submitting the required documents such as ID Proof, address proof and Photo it will be cancelled within 30 days. The fund cannot not be refunded at any cause. Even if it is a part payment or full payment.