Problems of Media Journalists

  • Troubled tamil media journalists
  • Media journalists who are getting scattered like refugees.
  • Media journalists who are suicinding because of poverty.
  • Government  privileges that are refused to media journalists
  • Brutes who murder media journalists
  • Blaming the media unnecessarily
  • The atrocious people who are disrespecting the media
  • The face of terrorism! The pitiable media journalists breed.      
  • Sexual misbehavoiurs and rapes on female journalists
  • Sinners who burn the press offices
  • The people in the government who crush the journalists to come to power
  • The attacks on media journalists by rowdys and murders of media   journalists
  • The sad state of media journalists being bought with money , we can go on  and on listing the many offence

For example we can mention about the incident of the investigative reporter Jyotirmayi from the news paper “Mid Day” of Mumbai who was shot dead by hooligans.
nd also a woman photographer of Mumbai was raped by lusty men. Many such incidents keep happening.